A charity trust like us relies not only on the government but also on the donations, trust and grants as well as people fundraising on our behalf. We always keep GOD our savior in front of us for every step we take we submit ourselves to the lord and proceed in our every step. There is a beautiful encouraging verse in the bible that says “The LORD loves a cheerful giver”.

Our Association, though established in 1996, is still trying to find other ways to help the visually challenged people on large scale. Our President, Mr. Raju Thorat, then came up with brilliant idea to achieve our goal. And it was “Setting up a Blind School“. The idea was then soon converted into our dream then passion and then Mission. We now seek donations from the citizens of not only India but whole World to complete our mission which will only benefit the Humankind.

As a supplement to our Mission, we have decide to start numerous other projects which will be complementary to each other in every aspect.

The then idea is now a project and we plan to accomplish it with your help.

We now plan to build a Campus with

1. Blind School for students from primary level to higher level with all facilities including their meals and laboratories.
2. Hostel for those who cannot travel daily.
3. School for Dumb and Deaf students with accommodation facility.
4. School and accommodation facility for the Physically Handicapped students.

In short, we want to help not only the blind but people with various disabilities also.

As we mentioned earlier, that we want to help the Humankind, we want to build the Super-specialty Hospital for the poor and those who can’t afford the treatments. The Hospital will provide treatments with primary, secondary as well as tertiary measures. Such hospitals are only found in metro cities but we plan to build this in our Campus which is in rural area.

Since we are setting our project in rural area, it was our duty to think about the villager who is most probably a farmer. We have to think about their welfare and well being. We then plan to update them with new technologies and developments. We plan to educate them with knowledge that will help them while cultivating there, for example.
We would also like to explain them the necessity of having an alternative to agriculture, a dairy for example.
Hence we also plan to start a dairy which will encourage the farmers to find an alternative or a supplementary occupation.

We know that India is facing shortage of electricity. And the people suffering due to this shortage are people living in villages.
India need to find a renewable source of electricity which is reliable and efficient. The powercut are mostly in rural areas. Such conditions are the major obstacle in development of rural areas. So we have to find a continuous source of electricity. With the advent of Solar Energy and technology, we plan to setup a Solar power plant which will provide electricity without interruption.

The main objective of our association is to make the disabled a self dependent human being. This implies to our Association too. We want to be self dependent in future. We will try our best to be independent and not to ask for the donations again. We want to create a constant source of income which will help us to overcome the deficits and maintainance costs of all the facilities which we stated earlier.
We plan to encourage the concept called Medical Tourism which will also contain Pleasure and Entertainment. Medical Tourism will be acheived to some extent by the Superspecialty hospital we mentioned earlier, while we plan to acheive Pleasure and entertainment with the Medium Small Theme Park. This Theme park will be our source of income from which we will allow us to pay the Salaries and Maintainance costs of the personnels working for the welfare of the Disabled

You can ge invovled by helping us in coming up with this project a success .Share us your experince with the blinds and what problems u come accross while u are with them that we may put our efforts in developing that in them. Bring fresh ideas to our association for the development of the blinds and disable persons.


  • The donations given to us are exempted from Income Tax.
  • Giving donation in kind such as grain, grocery, utensils, Braille equipment, furniture, New Clothes.
  • To remember our school for legacies and gifts in your will.
  • To keep money in fix deposit for the benefit of our students.
  • To give advertisement for our report.
  • Patronising our excellent orchestra on occasion of religious functions etc.

To give meals to all our students during festive occasions or in memory of departed soul. By purchasing candles, chalk sticks, string bags, doormats, Hand-loom articles made by blind boys and girls. By giving orders for woolen articles.
Contribute to our food fund, which is utilized in serving meals on particular day of your choice.

Note – We don’t accept donation for –

  1. Old and torn up clothes
  2. We do not accept cooked food of any kind from any agency / donor including home cooked items. However we accept raw food material like Dal, Rice, Atta, Ghee, Ground nuts, Dry Coconuts, Edible Oil, Spices and any other items useful for cooking.



craftYou can also donate through the following banks.

Bank Account Details:


  • FCRA ACCOUNT NUMBER: – 60162526815
  • IFSC CODE:-MAHB0000254


  • NON FCRA ACCOUNT NUMBER: –60274321128
  • IFSC CODE:-MAHB0000254


craftBreakfast and Snacks –

  • Breakfast: 7 AM
  • Snacks: 2 PM

The rates for breakfast at 7 AM are Rs. 1,500/- and Snacks at 2 PM are Rs. 1,500/- only (for 170 boys)

We serve breakfast and snacks on various days under the advice of our dietitian only. The diet chart is made by the dietitian as per the availability of the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

However, Cup Cakes, Cream Rolls, Haldiram / Laxminarayan Chivada, Budhani Wafers / Balaji Wafers, Rajgira Laddoos, Chocolates etc. may be allowed during snacks time with prior permission of Administrative Officer.

Meals –

Regular Lunch and Dinner are provided to the students at 10 AM and at 6 PM respectively. Cost of Rs. 3,000/- per meal (under the advice of the dietician only)

However, Sundays and Festival Days, the rates are Rs. 4,200/- (with Sweet dish) per meal (for approx. 150 boys)



Approximately Rs. 60,000/- per pair for 142 residential students. We do not accept old and used clothes.

Adopt a Student scheme:

  • One Month Expenditure Rs.2500/-
  • One Year Expenditure Rs.25000/-
We also accept contributions for:
  • Developing facility for Boarding like coloring furniture repair, utensils etc.
  • For educational equipments like books, musical instrument, stationery for Brail Press
  • Low vision equipments
  • Scholarship for student who stood first in his standard
  • Past student funds for further education
  • Vocational training fund for past students


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